Senior Regional Property Manager Caprice and Joan

Congratulations to Caprice Fitchett and Joan Neff on becoming Senior Regional Property Managers!

March 22, 2023

We are very excited to announce that Caprice Fitchett and Joan Neff have recently been promoted to Senior Regional Property Manager!

Caprice first joined us in May 2003 and was promoted to Regional Property Manager in June 2011.  She has a wealth of knowledge in the management world, is our eyes and ears on the Eastern Shore, and a proven asset to Habitat America!  She is very busy these days with a major renovation and a full portfolio.  We look forward to many more years with Caprice and utilizing her diverse talents as we continue to grow!

Joan first joined us in July 2005 and was promoted to Regional Property Manager in May 2013.  Over the years Joan has worked on many communities and with multiple owners.  She has built a strong rapport with each, facilitating an increased confidence in Habitat, helping us to evolve and grow!  Joan continues to oversee a challenging portfolio of properties and will assist us as we take on additional communities in 2023.  We are very confident that Joan’s wealth of industry experience and management style will only lead to her growth and further achievements!

Congratulations Caprice and Joan!