How to Overcome Stress in the Workplace

May 02, 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed during your work week? A little bit of stress is normal, but when it starts to impact your relationships, your productivity, and your personal and mental health, it’s time to break the cycle.

Take a moment to realize that whatever you’re stressed about isn’t going to break you.

Take a break from the pattern of stress and walk away- even if it’s for five minutes. Step away from your computer and take a walk down the street and back. This can also benefit your physical well-being.

Having a network of friends at work is also a great way to navigate away from the daily pressures. Feeling the weight? Ask someone to take that walk with you, or even grab lunch away from the office.

Another factor that many individuals overlook is diet. Take a look at what you’re eating during your day and make a healthy change. Cut out those sweets and carbs, and watch out for caffeine and trans fat- they are proven to negatively affect  your mood. Instead, focus on mood-boosters such as salmon, flax seed and walnuts.

Make sure that you’re also getting enough rest at night. Turn off all electronics before bed and give your brain time to relax. Instead of getting lost in your bedtime routine, make yourself a schedule and give yourself enough hours of rest.

Find your balance. Make sure your week has a healthy balance of work and play. Make small changes to your schedule to alleviate stress. Even giving yourself extra time in the morning for your commute and even prioritizing your task will make your week seem less overwhelming.

On a personal level you should avoid perfectionism, a negative attitude, and attempting to control uncontrollable factors. Having good humor and a positive attitude can make your work day seem more enjoyable.

On a workplace level you can always approach HR with any concerns that you may have. Know what your job entails- and if you are overworked and doing more than what your job asks of you then make your supervisor aware of it. Having open and honest communication with your supervisor will benefit you in the long run and will alleviate some of your concerns and stress. Focus on the parts of your job that you enjoy the most.

Putting your week into perspective and making a few changes will decrease your stress levels significantly – give it a try!