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Habitat America Launches New Learning Management System for Employees

March 10, 2015

Habitat America is pleased to announce its brand new learning management system, Habitat America University (HAU)*. HAU is a training system designed to create enhanced learning pathways and resources for employees, utilizing a mix of online classes, webinars and in-person training seminars. The goal of HAU is to provide Habitat America employees with opportunities for professional development as well as the tools and resources needed to advance within the company. HAU offers three curriculums set up in a university format: general studies, certificate programs and degree programs.

Supported through Vision Learning Management System, HAU allows Habitat America employees to access the previously offered multifamily online training courses and learning games through Grace Hill, in addition to internal company classes, resources and documents. Employees can interact with the company-specific learning tools and enroll in all educational opportunities from the all-in-one online portal or from a mobile device.

“It is important for us to realize that the growth of our company begins with the growth of our employees and all of us, individually,” said Regional Property Manager, Dominic Maza. “Habitat America University allows each of us a means to achieve that growth not only to be able to do our jobs, but also to be de able to do it better. Habitat America University will not only offer basic courses to keep us competitive in the industry, but also offer tutorials to support us with our daily operations. It will be a powerful and efficient resource for all to use and manage in our quest to be better every day for our clients, our residents, and for all of us individually.”

The new system provides managers with the ability to create custom learning paths for their employees and track their scores and progress. Additionally, employees may be considered for enrollment in certificate and degree programs with the submission of an application, cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation.

Ellen Spriggs, Marketing and Training Manager, and Ninette Patrick, Regional Property Manager, spearheaded the implementation of HAU with the full support from Habitat America’s President, Cathy Murphy, who officially introduced the program to all staff on February 26, 2015.

“I feel that the opportunity that is presented through HAU will prepare our team members to grow in all aspects of life.  This is not just industry specific training. My hope is that all of our team will take advantage of this education to better themselves both professionally and personally,” said Vice President of Marketing and Training, Maryellen DeLuca.

For more information regarding HAU, please email HAU@habitatamerica.com.

*Habitat America University (HAU) is a company based educational resource. HAU is not an accredited educational institution. The degree and certification courses are internal achievements created to offer learning tools and resources for advancement opportunities.